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Lolling Reno: Bathroom Complete!

Remember back in October when I announced that we were embarking on a bathroom remodel? I’m not surprised, I sort of forgot too. Well, we’re done. Finally. Nearly 3 months after starting the project.

The major bulk of it was completed in two weeks. We went a week and a half without being able to use our shower. Hygene was questionable at best. But we made it through that rough patch.

Bryan and I hired an acquaintance to do the heavy lifting. He demoed and tiled and put up bead board and crown molding. We decided to paint everything ourselves. We spent about a month painting the trim finishing up just before Thanksgiving. Then we got burnt out and busy. I requested that Bryan hire someone to finish painting the walls for me as a birthday or Christmas present. He had already thought of it and emailed our contractor friend. He was busy until last week when he came and finished up the painting.

Ready to see it?


Here’s a general look. We added the new light fixture, bead board around the room, crown molding around the room, painted the walls a dark blue, and brought in a free standing towel rack.


Here’s a closer look at the shower. We did white subway tile for the shower and added the white marble details. I’m in love with the insert. No more bumping our heads or knocking things off the old poorly – placed towel rack! We wanted to add marble to the top of the tub to make it look more built in. Our genius of a contractor repurposed marble thresholds to put on top of the tub and along the edges to tie it together with the marble in the nook. This was a great way to save a whole lotta money.


He also added the wood work to the front of the tub, completing the built in look.


There were a million little decisions that went into this project. But I loved the process and am so pleased with the way it turned out. We’ve always loved this house, but now it feels just a little bit more like it’s ours.

What do you think?

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