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The Art of Lolling

A blog dedicated to getting by with a big impact, doing as little actual work as you can. All projects, recipes, and tips posted are designed to impress as many people as possible, and fool them into thinking you’re a highly motivated individual.


Friend: I really love that pillow! Where did you get it?

You: Oh, I made it. It’s no big deal, really.

No mention of the fact that you made it years ago, and have made approximately nothing since then. They will be incredibly impressed, and you can go back to painting your toenails and watching reruns of (insert favorite 90’s show).

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  1. Emily Mahood Bowman

    Haha! Love it! So following you…

  2. Ahh, found you on Bower Power! Another Memphian with no kids (yet) that’s married? You rock! If you ever want to help a girl out with her home decor or just talk about it, email me!

  3. You girls are hilarious and I can’t wait to try the peach bourbon recipe on my husband!

  4. Hi Allyn. Just found you in PWs comments. I likey. Looks like I’ll be adding you to my bloglist.
    Come pop over to say hi sometime! See ua’!

  5. Ha! Funny, smart, sassy writing! Love it! I am pretty green to the blogging world (I’ve been under a rock I guess) – but I’m hooked! Keep writing, I’ll keep reading!

  6. just found you at PW. sooo following you! Is lolling a derivative of “lollygagging” which in western MA lexicon means meandering around wasting time! (always a good thing to do on a scorcher of a summer day) Hugs Donna

    • Welcome Donna! I’ve definitely heard the term lollygagging, and I’m sure they’re pretty much the same thing. You know how we love to abbreviate and slow things down here in the south.

      • Indeed. Slow and steady down there in the south – preferably on the veranda with a mint julep or sweet iced tea! Sign me up for a holiday south of the mason dixon anytime except July or August! Have a lovely day!

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