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Lolling Reno: Bathroom Complete!

Remember back in October when I announced that we were embarking on a bathroom remodel? I’m not surprised, I sort of forgot too. Well, we’re done. Finally. Nearly 3 months after starting the project.

The major bulk of it was completed in two weeks. We went a week and a half without being able to use our shower. Hygene was questionable at best. But we made it through that rough patch.

Bryan and I hired an acquaintance to do the heavy lifting. He demoed and tiled and put up bead board and crown molding. We decided to paint everything ourselves. We spent about a month painting the trim finishing up just before Thanksgiving. Then we got burnt out and busy. I requested that Bryan hire someone to finish painting the walls for me as a birthday or Christmas present. He had already thought of it and emailed our contractor friend. He was busy until last week when he came and finished up the painting.

Ready to see it?


Here’s a general look. We added the new light fixture, bead board around the room, crown molding around the room, painted the walls a dark blue, and brought in a free standing towel rack.


Here’s a closer look at the shower. We did white subway tile for the shower and added the white marble details. I’m in love with the insert. No more bumping our heads or knocking things off the old poorly – placed towel rack! We wanted to add marble to the top of the tub to make it look more built in. Our genius of a contractor repurposed marble thresholds to put on top of the tub and along the edges to tie it together with the marble in the nook. This was a great way to save a whole lotta money.


He also added the wood work to the front of the tub, completing the built in look.


There were a million little decisions that went into this project. But I loved the process and am so pleased with the way it turned out. We’ve always loved this house, but now it feels just a little bit more like it’s ours.

What do you think?


The Rant: Election Weariness

It’s not even November, hell it’s barely mid-October, and I’m totally over the election season. I’ve gotten to the point where I give my husband the evil eye should he mention either one of the candidates or worse, a debate.

Is it too much to ask to be able to keep your political opinions to yourself?

A friend of mine posted on Facebook last week that election season is like a magic sorting hat of who to “unfriend” or “mute”. Which is totally true. I find the same true for American Idol and other reality contests. If you post about it, there will be consequences. Granted the poster may not know about it, but I sure enjoy that moment of satisfaction on my end.

The Pioneer Woman’s website has been one of Allyn and my favorites for a very long time. Last week after a political debate she posted about her hair. I loved that. Yes there are bigger issues in life, but that doesn’t mean we all need to talk about it.

So, on that note, what’s your favorite superficial subject?

Wasted Wednesday: Sidecar

Bryan and I have been going through a major bourbon phase since The Best Weekend of our Lives. We’d dabbled in Mint Juleps earlier in the summer, but I tried a Side Car recipe a few weeks ago and it has since become my new cocktail.  What I love about this recipe is that its simple enough to make pretty quickly after a stressful day without being too complex. The end result is strong enough to make you forget all about that crazy b at work.

The Side Car

3/4 oz Triple Sec

3/4 oz Bourbon

1/2 oz sweetened lime juice or Rose’s

Lime garnish

Combine liquids on tumbler, serve over ice with a lime garnish.

Ahhh, a little slice of heaven.


Cochon Heritage Festival

Alternate Title: Best Weekend of my Life

This past weekend was the first annual Cochon Heritage BBQ Festival & National Bourbon Month kickoff in Memphis.

A three day festival bringing nationally recognized chefs to come together to learn, eat, and compete focusing on the heritage pig and some awesome bourbon.

There was a Cochon weekend competition earlier in the year in Memphis, but Bryan and I missed it as we were out of town. I heard it was incredible and when they announced this event I knew I would not miss it for the world.

We purchased tickets to two events. Even though they were normally out of our budget, I knew it was something worth saving for.

Friday night was the kick off event on the rooftop of the Peabody. For $50 a person it was all you can eat appetizer portions from 8 different restaurants and all you can drink specialty cocktails mixed by the best local bartenders featuring bourbon. The weather was amazingly cooperative giving Isaac was in the area. It was a beautiful night on the rooftop overlooking the Mississippi River.

And the cocktails! Amazing. Allyn and I have been planning a spring bourbon country tour and this whole event really made Bryan and I super excited for the spring. I can’t even describe some of the cocktails as they are totally out of our beer-loving realm.

Saturday morning Bryan took a group on a 5.55k run around the neighborhood before the bloody mary/oytster/bacon brunch. Attendees could also do a BBQ tour of Memphis and had some seminars set up. That evening a few of the chefs collaborated on a “pop up” dinner. We didn’t go, but heard it was amazing.

The second event that we attended was Sunday afternoon and was the culmination of the whole weekends activities. Eight chef driven teams competed against one another. They had to cook 4 pork dishes with separate requirements and 2 side dishes (one mayo based and one mustard based). We started off the afternoon at a local restaurant across the street from the main venue. We had more bourbon cocktails: Bourbon with bacon bitters and bourbon, orange bitters, and Proseco topped off with a bourbon cherry. We also enjoyed fresh oysters and a build your own BLT bar with three different types of bacon. Le sigh…

After about an hour of mingling and bourbon drinking it was time to go over and do some tasting. Attendees can sample everything at every one of the teams tables. Below is just some of the stuff available at one of the team’s tables.

There was a lot of food to try. I don’t think we even hit up half of the teams it was so much food.

In conclusion, I will be singing the praises of this event for at least the next six months and then I will be switching to gearing up for the next years event.

For more information visit the Heritage BBQ site.

Weekend Lolling

As I’m typing this I’m doing the ultimate in lolling. I’m laying on the couch sipping a beer (with lime!) as other people are doing my dirty work. Literally!

A few months ago Bryan and I attended a silent auction for charity. Since it was charity we got a little crazy with our bidding (free wine bar passes might have had something to do with it too) and won various items. One of which was a professionally landscape designed planned for our yard. Yeah, we needed it.

We are starting to implement this plan, although slowly, as it starts heating up. We will be getting rid of the majority of plants back there. But they are not going to waste! My husband’s family wanted several features we were getting rid of. This is awfully convenient for us. They do the digging and hard labor and we’re left with a clean slate! If I didn’t have family wanting the plants, I’d consider posting the plants on Craigslist. But let’s face it, how many people really want free monkey grass?!

Lolling at its best, my friends!

Porch Project: Complete!

A few weekends ago we finally completed our porch project. It rained the beginning of last week and then we were into holiday time and I didn’t get around to taking a decent picture until just the other day. Here she is:

It took a couple trips to hardware stores to get all of our supplies. We bought eye hooks, chains, and links to pull it off. I also spray painted the hardware so that it wouldn’t be so noticeable. At dusk it looks as if the windows are actually floating.

In the beginning I just wanted some sort of barrier there so I didn’t feel like someone was going to jump through the opening at anytime. But now I love the design and how much light it lets in compared to the trellis we had before.

We are super happy with the results and being done with another project!


Delta Roadtrip: Our night in a sharecropper’s cabin

A few years ago I got a Daily Candy email about a Delta roadtrip. Its been on my brain ever since. Specifically this one place to stay, Tallahatchie Flats. They put together a bunch of old sharecropper cabins to make a nice little inn.

The cabins are very quaint, yet have everything you really need. Towels, comfy bed, AC/heat, even a full kitchen. Added benefits: nightly bonfires, a front porch for sitting, a friendly lab, stars to gaze at, and a river in your backyard. These aren’t amenities you can get just anywhere.

Here are a few photos:

Inside our cabin

A nice place to drink your morning coffee

We only stayed one night on this trip, which is sort of sad. Next time we will plan to stay two nights and possibly bring some friends. Its a great place to retreat from the hecticness of everyday life, to get to know some good country folks, and see another way of living.

Up next: What to do and what not to see in the Delta.