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Cheap Thrills: Clearance Flowers

A few months ago I started a new routine. Over the weekend I’d meal plan and buy groceries for the week at my local produce market and grocery store. This usually happened on Sunday afternoon as my husband was working. I’ve enjoyed this routine as it makes weeknight cooking much easier by taking out the guess work.

But one other side benefit is that I discovered on Sunday’s my local grocery store (Kroger) discounts the “old” flowers on Sunday afternoons. Most look brand new with few or any issues. And what is on sale is always different.

Several weeks ago I bought an orchid for $2. TWO DOLLARS for an ORCHID! This past week I bought two dozen peach roses for $5. I’ve also gotten daises, tulips, and lilies.

Growing up I used to swear that when I had my own house I’d have fresh flowers in the house at all times. The realities of floral pricing and budgets, don’t always make that happen. But I enjoy my cheap thrills every once in a while.