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The street artist and the author

Over the years Allyn and I have come up with several new career and life changes that we would like to put into place. The author and street artist is one of our more recent incantations.

Inspired by a trip to New Orleans a few months ago, I decided that I should quit my job, move to New Orleans and become an artist.

You know those pieces of “modern art” that you swear you could do. Like the zoo animal art or the toddler art that sells for thousands of dollars? Yeah. Any idiot can do it and call it art, you just have to have the right spin on it.

Anyways, I decided that I have enough “skill” to become an artist and sell my “art” in the Quarter, probably at or near Jackson Square to the tourists. This would be great because I can live and work – if you call that work – in one of my favorite cities. It wouldn’t be real work because I can mess around with paint whenever I felt like it and then sell it whenever I felt like it. Mondays, I definitely wouldn’t work. Because as an artistic entrepreneur I wouldn’t have to. And Mondays are really idea for lolling about.

Also, my artistic career will lend itself to an almost constant state of inebriation. Alcoholism is okay if you are still highly functioning, right? Okay, don’t answer that it. The main point I’m trying to make is that I can drink a cocktail at 10 am if I want without the boss yelling at me. (I rarely yell at myself. It gives me a headache and cuts into my lolling about time.)

When I’m not selling or creating art, I will hang out at my dear Allyn’s mansion in the Garden District. She is a famous author, she just hasn’t published anything yet. You should look for her work in the future, when she decides to sit down and actually write something.

We will spend hours upon hours lolling about and testing new recipes to feature on Wasted Wednesdays. Her fiance will cook delicious food for us.

You might be wondering what I’ll do about my husband and pets. No worries, I have that figured out as well. Bryan, my husband, will become either a tambourine/bongo street musician or some sort of interpretive dancer. We will get to spend loads of time together as he will work close to where I sell my paintings. Our dog, Bosco, will lure tourists to either buy my art or give money to Bryan’s performances, whatever he chooses to do, as she is really adorable. The cats will love roaming the streets of the Quarter.

When we aren’t writing, creating, or performing, we will all enjoy the amazing food, music, and culture that New Orleans has to offer.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!