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Throwing a Party: Lolling About Style

Shortly after Allyn told me about her engagement I knew I wanted to throw her a party for her Memphis gal-pals. It’s the nice thing to do. Plus, who doesn’t love a party?!

I’ve thrown parties before at my house. This involved months of saving up, weeks of deep cleaning and meal planning, and sleepless nights of making way too much food. I really wasn’t feeling up to that again. So I decided to make it simple on myself. I’d host it at a pre-decorated and cleaned location and pay someone else to do the cooking.

With the major decisions made, it was time to look at invitations. Nothing but something original was going to do, but I don’t have the budget for ordering from the local stationary store. So I shopped around and found a write in style I liked. But I don’t like party invitations where you write in the details. Its too “kids birthday party” for my taste. And nothing but the best would do for Allyn. So I messaged the seller, she was able to create a custom print for a very reasonable price.

We had some incredible appetizers and shared some delicious cocktails, all while having someone wait on us hand and foot, leaving us plenty of time to catch up.

In retrospect, not only did it save me tons of time and energy, it was also much cheaper than the other parties I’ve hosted. So to recap: saved money, saved countless hours from cleaning and cooking, had more fun, was more relaxed. In my book, this is how to throw a party!