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Porch Project: Complete!

A few weekends ago we finally completed our porch project. It rained the beginning of last week and then we were into holiday time and I didn’t get around to taking a decent picture until just the other day. Here she is:

It took a couple trips to hardware stores to get all of our supplies. We bought eye hooks, chains, and links to pull it off. I also spray painted the hardware so that it wouldn’t be so noticeable. At dusk it looks as if the windows are actually floating.

In the beginning I just wanted some sort of barrier there so I didn’t feel like someone was going to jump through the opening at anytime. But now I love the design and how much light it lets in compared to the trellis we had before.

We are super happy with the results and being done with another project!


She’s Crafty: Butcherblock Cart

A few years ago, my then roommate and I bough a little butcherblock topped cart to put in our dining room for extra dish storage. We always said we’d redo it, because it looked like this:

Yeah, nothing to write home about, but we were poor and it was about $10.

Fast forward to this summer, when Josh and I moved into our current home, and the cart became our coffee bar. It was perfect for the awkward space in our kitchen, but still not pretty.

So, I cleaned it out

Removed the hardware and the resulting nasty sticky funk (technical term there)

Dragged it outside and spray painted it a lovely blue, which resulted in my looking like I had blue freckles all over my body and blue grass

Painted it with a few coats of varnish (the top as well)

And added pretty new handles from Anthropologie (which required Josh to drill new holes in the metal doors. What a man!)

Hooray for pretty new (old) things!


She’s Crafty: Rocking the Chair

A few weeks ago I posted my curbside find. I sat on it with its old seat for quite a while. Its a great place to drink coffee and read a book in the morning.

When I last updated my mom stole the seat. She cut a new piece of wood for me since the old one was rotting away. No one likes a rotten seat.

Once I had the seat I purchased new foam from Joanne’s, wrapped it with batting, and then stapled the new fabric over it all. (I’m getting quite good at recovering things to sit on.)


My mom picked out the pillow to go along with the fabric. Its not really what I’d pick out, but adds a nice little punch.

Here’s what my front porch looks like right now:

Never mind the husband. My mums this year are thriving. Yay for remembering to water stuff!

We have purchased two old windows, but need a couple more before we finish the side project.

What do you think?

Weekend Project

So this past weekend my husband was not working and we had lovely weather. This means one thing: doing stuff around the house. I asked Bryan to take the trellis and vines by our front door.

See, when we bought the house the little area to the left of our front door looked like this:

Then a couple of months ago, sick and tired of the vines taking over the porch and the roof, Bryan cut the vines and they became dead. I don’t have a good picture of it, but you can kind of see on the left hand side of this picture:

That’s my new-to-me chair by the way. I picked up on the side of the road.

Here’s what we’re working with right now:

Bryan trimmed and tore down all remnants of vine and took out the trellis. It was buckling and I wasn’t a big fan of it vine-less anyways.

So now we’re trying to decide what to do. Our options are:
a) Buy and install a porch swing. We don’t technically have enough space here, but we could make it work. We’ve always wanted a porch swing.
b) Find some old windows and hang to create a translucent blockade.

I sort of like something being there. It makes me feel safe and the dog doesn’t jump off to her impending death.

The seat to the chair was hijacked by my mom who is going to rebuild the seat for me and then we’ll recover it.

What are your thoughts? Also, where do you find old windows?

She’s Crafty: Bench Refurb

For the past couple of months I’ve kept my eye out for a bench for our bathroom. We had the perfect space for it between some storage space and the door. Plus, it’d be nice to have a spot to throw dirty clothes or towels or to sit.

Last weekend I went to a very large antique mall with my mom. She asked me if there was anything I was looking for and I mentioned the bench. We must have seen about 40 benches in the whole space (I told you, its big!) and finally happened upon this little beauty.

Let’s see, she’s:
– the perfect size
– somewhat attractive
– can easily change the fabric
– great price

So I brought her home. She was looking a little sad with age, but no worries. We have just the thing.

This stuff is awesome. You put a little on a rag and wipe on the wood. A little bit goes a long way. After you’ve done a section, wipe it with a clean rag.

See how glossy? This is wiped on, but pre-wiped off. Its not quite as glossy once wiped off.


Doesn’t it look better? It only took about 30 minutes.

Total cost break down:
– Bench: $39.95
– Howard Restore A Finish: we had it on hand so free!
– Fabric (less than 1 yard): also on hand, free

Have you done an easy furniture refurb?

She’s Crafty: Kitchen Shelves

When Josh and I first signed the lease for our new house last month, we immediately went and started picking out paint colors. While white walls would have been bad enough, we had some very interesting colors going on.

The worst? The kitchen. I should have taken a picture, but I didn’t. Imagine the most horrible, vivid, peachy salmon, and you still won’t be close. It was horrible. It was were Pepto Bismol and Peaches and Cream Barbie’s love child went to die,

We had most of the house painted within a few days, and luckily have had no regrets on our color choices, which is always nice. The kitchen still needed something more though. We decided we would paint the back of some open shelves a fun accent color, and make them a focal point. We decided to go with yellow, which is a color we’ve been incorporating little pops of all through the house, and is conveniently one of our wedding colors. We decided on Behr’s Citrus Splash, and two coats later, we had a focal point!

We love the how bright and happy the yellow is (please excuse the quality of the photos. My bad). The objects on the shelves are still a work in progress, consisting now of two massive Crate and Barrel serving dishes, and a whole lot of cookbooks, aka gastronomic porn.

Now back to lolling