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Treasure: A horse is a horse

Josh and I have been looking for some lamps for the new house since we moved a few weeks ago, and the other day… we found it. The most awesome, perfect lamp ever.

Yes, it’s a horse. There was much squealing and high-fiving in the aisle at Home Goods. The only thing better than the fact that it was $30 for base and lamp?


The fact that they had two (Insert more squealing and high-fiving)! We were soooooo very excited to bring these babies home and see how they looked all lit up.


They are so. freaking. awesome. We are in love. The lampshades aren’t the best ever, so at some point I’ll recover/replace them, but for now, I’m as happy as can be.

Oh Home Goods, what would we do without you?

Now to come up with names for them…