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Working It Out: FAIL

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As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I started doing the Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred DVD. I got about a week and a half into it and was actually starting to enjoy it, in a warped, sadistic sort of way. I was even seeing results already. Things were getting a little tighter, and I was feeling better.

Then, my knee started bothering me. I injured it back in middle school, but, come on, that was a long time ago. Apparently I do have scar tissue in it or something though, because even though I started modifying the routine and not doing the high impact sections, my knee just kept getting worse.

So I stopped.

It took a good two weeks for my knee to start feeling semi normal and not like it was going to give out on me.

It’s as if I wasn’t meant to work out! I tried, and my body rebelled.

Unfortunately for my body (or really, fortunately), I’m not giving up. I’ve started looking for very low impact routines that focus mainly on my core, which is the area I really want to work on anyway. Right now the current contender is Crunch: Pick Your Spot Pilates

There are a few reasons I’m going to start this routine.

1) It almost completely excludes using my knee.

2) Abs, butt, and thighs each get their own 10 minute routine, so you can do one or all of them, depending on your time/focus.

3) It’s available for free on my Netflix Instant. Just being honest.

My plan is to start is this weekend, so we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll have a positive update.



Working It Out:The Opposite Of Lolling

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I have found the opposite of lolling. It’s right here:

I’m convinced that Jillian Michaels is some sort of brilliant, sadistic, devil woman.

I’ve owned this dvd for years now, and up until last week, could probably count the times I’ve done it (half assed, I might add) on one hand. However, as Josh and I start making more of an effort to eat better, I realized that I really want some things on my body to change. For me, this isn’t as much about losing weight as it is gaining muscle and definition. I don’t just want to be thin, I want to be healthy and slightly ripped. A girl can dream, right?!

I started doing the workout last Tuesday morning, and have only missed one day since then. Let me just say, I can already tell a difference. It might not be obvious to anyone else, but things are already tighter, and my endurance has definitely increased. Do I hate it every morning? Yes, but that hatred has started to become a love/hate relationship as I start to see positive results. I’m still on Level 1, so we’ll see if it changes to more hate than love on Level 2, which I’ll start Friday (yikes!).

Here’s hoping that by June 1, I’m a kick ass machine!

Anyone else had good luck with the Shred? Anyone else hate Jillian?